Ocean Kiani


👋 Hi, I’m Ocean and I help busy founders with

My mission is to inspire people to keep moving, both personally and in their relationships with others.

My story.

As the oldest sister of two younger brothers growing up in chaotic household, I’ve learned to read what’s being said underneath what is actually being said. I developed a strong sense of empathy and deep interest in listening to people's emotions.

With a strong sense of conscientiousness and diligence, I thrived in operations-based roles. I started my career early as an administrative assistant right after finishing school. After ambling around and figuring things out, I discovered the world of entrepreneurs and digital business, and haven't looked back since.

Working in operations taught me that business is not just about processes and procedures, but about people as well. Whether it's organising events, training new employees, launching community initiatives, or improving processes, I always prioritise understanding people's needs and finding the best way to support them.

Having a personal interest in health and wellness, personal development and psychology ~ particularly somatics and embodied cognition ~ I’ve have found my sweet spot in community and business operations for businesses operating in this field.

So if you have an Ocean-sized space on your team, say hi!

My work.


👋 Community Manager at Nervous System Mastery (currently at 700 students, twice-yearly cohorts)

🫀 Operations Manager at Leadership That Heals the World (somatic-oriented leadership coaching community)


🫐 Operations Manager at Mora.com (US-based healthcare startup raised $6bn seed)

🐙 Project Manager for various creative agencies including Driftime, Good Rebels, The Unmistakeables, Boost Design, Centrd Life, TRAKK,

🧭 Supported various solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and early-stage businesses with ops, customer services, user interviews, business development outreach, research and admin.

👸 Operations & Events Manager at The Merit Club

🚀 Operations Manager at 100%Open

🧗‍♀️ Programme Manager and Sales Coordinator at NCS

Other fun things about me.

  • Recently ran a series of online + in-person workshops to help people bring more play into their day. It was fun.
  • Currently training for my first ever fitness competition in November.
  • Performed as Juliet in my debut theatre production of Romeo & Juliet at 28 years old.
  • Completed my Psychology undergrad full-time whilst running my own business and travelling the world. It was tough. I’m stronger for it.
  • My relating language is observing, my love language is (receiving) words of affirmation and (giving) acts of service, I’m a 9 on the Enneagram and score high in trait openness, conscientiousness (very high on industriousness) and agreeableness.

Some nice things people have said.


“I'm amazed at Ocean's ability to find depth and breadth across so many facets of life + the way she brings this into her work is impressive. Her work is a representation of her curious and playful nature, and a unique and special offering to the world.”

Jonny Miller, Founder, Curious Humans and Nervous System Mastery


“Ocean is our partial Head of Operations, and to be honest it’s probably fair(er) to say that she embodies parts magician, parts fresh air, parts dedicated warrior. Knowing that she is passionate about what we are doing, that she is learning alongside us, that she can provide understanding and acumen from her own experiences in this field, has been a true game changer.”

Franziska Gonder, Founder and Somatic Coach, Leadership That Heals the World


“Working with Ocean has been such a huge asset to our business. Aside from keeping operations run smoothly, Ocean has brought so much to the table with her experience and perspective.”

Abb-d Taiyo, Co-Founder, Driftime® Media


“Having Ocean come in during an intense period of growth relieved me and the team of day-to-day admin to focus on growth instead. If you're in the early stages of scaling your business, or going through a period of growth, Ocean is an organised and proactive asset to the team. ”

Asad Dhunna, Founder, The Unmistakables

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